Starke Art

Artist: Steven Starke

In 2019, Norwich, Connecticut artist Steve Starke began taking a different approach to presenting his art. Typically using colored pencils, graphite or lead on cold pressed paper and displaying in frames or on easels, Starke began offering wearable art designs. Collaborating with Woombs & Wankle, a Downtown Norwich store with uncommon quality goods and an affinity for anything with an artistic flair, Starke has taken a few of his original drawings, customized them to size and worked with local apparel creators to put them on clothing items.

Drawing at a young age, Starke’s style has always leaned toward realistic, life like images whether animals, landscapes or human form. Starke’s art is still created in the same method in the same way as when he first started drawing as a child. Rough sketches on 8.5”x 11” paper to determine perspective and vision first, then finalizing the sketches onto the larger cold pressed pieces.

The image begins to take shape coming to life as Starke gradually increases the shading in areas throughout his creations. At times, fine ink pens are used in a few of his pieces over the pencils adding exquisite detail and dimension. Starke’s art depicts a side of nature that captures reality with the possibility of ‘what if’.

Elements of fantasy are sometimes intertwined in the curvature and details encouraging viewers to think further than what they see at first glance. Starke teaches this methodology to his Art Adventure students. A variety of artistic mediums ranging from acrylics to clay by Art Adventure students whether at the public library or local art gallery, are used to find balance between nature, reality and imaginative concepts. 

Starke’s intrinsic style, the sine qua non to Starke Art inspires and encourages a relationship with scenic landscapes to nature’s popular beasts. Connect with Starke Art on FB and Steve Starke on IG.

Starke Art Killer Beast Collection 2020